Eines Tages war er da: Erasmus von Rotterdam und er lud mich ein mitzukommen... This blog is about my year in Lisbon, the Capital of Portugal

domingo, fevereiro 04, 2007


Yeah, i am a little bit to late with writing this review about the "city" of Obidos; i know too late to but the pictures up, too late to write about Portugal; My audience wants satisfaction.
I can not apologize!
Nevertheless i proudly present the pictures of this day in Obidos. A small mediaevil village, encircled by a walkable city wall from the old times. Ahh yeah...please don´t take notices of the christmas trees.

Inside of the wall you find a small, tiny city with lanes, fruit trees, and the typical spirit of a non Lisbon city in Portugal. There is nothing up! But i can image how great silence can be, if there wouldn't exist tourist like me, who are on a "I have to take a picture rush". What i want to impress, there are a lot of tourists.

I think this picture is in so many photo albums. It is made for that!