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sexta-feira, janeiro 26, 2007

Goodbye Braunschweig - Where is the connection?

To bid farewell is one of the things you have to get used to during an Erasmus Year. Yesterday the first member of Erasmus Lisbon 2006/2007 left us alone, in the coldness of this city without heaters. We will miss Aleka, may you have a great time in Kreta (Greece)! More about her farewell here, I could not have said this better myself.
In order to distract us from all the "saudade", Mr. Prestige (Italy) decided to write a song about Braunschweig, his favourite name of a city in Germany. Furthermore he likes German, studied it a wee bit in Italy and wanted to verbalize his feelings. I helped him a little bit and in the following video you will see me on the DJ board, while Roman is doing the Beatmachine. All that spontaniously; only a small Pimp-Up later.

Enjoy "Braunschweig - Ist das Geilste" the homage to this city.


Anonymous Jonathan said...

Big Respect to those splendid kitchen-made-free-style entertainment...
By the way: Have you ever checked for results in youtube for "GÖRN"?
Well, I did. Here's my favourite one:


Enjoy, Gorn...


PS: Last performance in P1 tonhight, after that I'm gonna loll around in bed for the following free days as I longed for!

sexta-feira, janeiro 26, 2007 3:59:00 da tarde

Anonymous Anónimo said...

This is fuckin' weird guys. I love it!

Lischen (Who has just forgotten her password *grml*)

domingo, janeiro 28, 2007 9:37:00 da tarde

Blogger festa said...


quarta-feira, abril 11, 2007 5:58:00 da tarde


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