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quinta-feira, dezembro 21, 2006

It is so cold - Está muito frio - Es ist so kalt

I know I know, some days without posting and my fanbase is protesting heavily against this 
week of laziness. Nevertheless, i had good causes for staying in bed.

1. I was ill, so I needed something warm....
2. ...well, warm. I think there is no word for warm anymore in my word pool. While writing this lines for you, I can not feel my fingers, my knees are trembling with coldness, but I will finish it...

The average temperature in my room is about 13/14 degrees, I have a small hole in my window. More facts: I can sit outside in the sun wearing a t-shirt, i don´t need winter jackets, it is 10 C° at night, but Portugal wants heaters. It is so damn cold in here...

That is my normal position in front of the computer, freezing like Ötzi:

But somebody in "Worten", a specialty market for electric appliances, had pity with me and present me my heater, called "Heatflow II". Now it is beach party time in my room...

I hope the portuguese post office will never send the electricity bill.



Blogger Deb said...

DAS STIMMT!!!!!!!!!!
ich liebe Deutschand, weil man einfach zu Hause bleiben KANN, ohne bemerken, dass es -2ºC draussen ist! eheheheh
viel spass beim suppe-essen und heisse getränke-trinken...zu hause!! ;)
boa sorte!!

segunda-feira, dezembro 25, 2006 12:22:00 da tarde


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